Why did I got this email?

We are sorry, there might have been a misunderstanding or typo, please read on for further details 

Why do we send emails?

We are trying to be as relevant as possible with the emails we deliver. We are delivering emails only for the following purposes:

  • Account verification - Someone signed up for our services and we want to verify the email address
  • Sign in links - We might sent a magic sign-in link
  • Password reminder - Someone was asking to get a new password
  • Notifications about incidents - There was an incident and we inform about it as fast as possible

Who should get our emails?

Most of our emails are targeted to our clients and their team members, to fullfil our services. We send emails to the clients of our clients only in the cases of:

  • Account verification
  • Sign In links

So if you are not expecting this email, most probably someone was entering their own email incorrect and got yours. We then kindly ask your to just delete the email.

What can I do about getting further emails?

In cases, where you get the multiple of the emails, please reach out to us and we'll take care of it.

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