Digital Access Control

With our software platform we simplify the self storage user journey end to end.
We digitize access control and automate processes from gate to boxes.

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Are you still using padlocks?

We create a seamless user experience with higher security and automated processes for both new build as well as existing facilities using our app based, failsafe access control system.

Benefits of using the sedisto digital access control

OPEX reduction

Get a quick ROI by saving process cost and manpower

Remote management

Manage all sites, units and doors remotely in one place

Incident management

Get notifications on any incident

Seamless user experience

Attract tenants with a seamless user experience with our app

Security increase

No visible locks on the units to break. All mechanics inside and opening via app

Data analytics

Get insights on what happens on your site

New business models

Enabling new timebased models on site and tenant level

Sharing access

Let tenants share their units with a finger tip and without keys


Where we are in the pole position

Usage of common hardware available on the market. No in-house hardware used or manufactured. 

The mobile phone will use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to open doors and box units in case there is no internet connection on the phone

The IIoT gateway is caching permissions and will enable opening and logging in case there is no internet in the facility. 

On top, the IIoT gateway provides a LTE fallback connection and will recover automatically

In case there is no mobile phone available there are alternative opening options such as PIN pads, NFC cards or QR codes

Lock control failover: In case the IIoT gateway is not working the different lock control units will connect to a remote failover endpoint to keep the business fully running

Failsafe software

Self recovery firmware on the IIoT gateway and a fully monitored cloud service (hosted in Germany for GDPR compliance)

Our key elements of the digital access control

The sedisto portal

Your entry point into digital storage: The sedisto portal is the place where operators, suppliers and partners are coming together.

Invite and manage your team over multiple sites, read technical information and installation manuals, set up integrations with 3rd party services and get all support functions like help desk and RMA processes.

The market place brings together partners, suppliers and operators. Installation partner, construction partner, partitioner - all have their own place and information within the portal.  

The sedisto dashboard

The dashboard is your operating control board. Here you can manage your sites, entrances, box units. Whether you want to change time based access on all entrances individually or decide when staff members can access which object under certain conditions - all can be handled there. 

Quick access to all doors and box units to maybe remote opening them, checking the status, see incidents and activities.

Statistics and dashboards to see what´s going on at your site.

The sedisto app

The basic and best tool to utilize the power of the sedisto solution. Opening all entrances and box units with just a touch of a button.

BLE empowered openings as well as cloud openings possible (decided in the settings), push notifications, support and even sharing your access via the app are just some of the many features of our app.

With the sedisto solution you highly automate your processes. Just one example: how many people, how many steps and how much time do you need when a tenant is not paying his bill? Automated "overlocking" is done within a finger tip and fully automated by the system. 

Not really visible but highly effective the sedisto solution is also monitoring all devices in the field. The system is capable to monitor thousands of devices and process steps simultanously and generating reports and notifications in case anything should not work according to the standards.

Detailed information on the hardware options, the installation procedures, the integration with the leading PMS systems as well as partner offerings you will find inside sedisto after having registration at our portal. 

Objects being steered and monitored


Main gates, sliding gates, parking barriers and any other other entrance will be convenient to open while still in your car.


Outside as well as inside doors such as sliding doors, rolling gates, swing doors and even turnstiles are within our scope


Restricting access to single floors is the main use case for the elevator control. Hence we believe that this is not always needed.

Box units

single box unit access via app is the main advantage of the solution. Process improvements, more security and valuable date points.

Your path to enjoy the new way of self storage

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Let us know about how we can support you. The location, size, your PMS system, your timeline.


Together we define the access control points, the needed hardware, integration and user flow.


Detailed BLE planning and finalizing the scope to order. 


Project management and delivery process. Adaptation if needed.

Go Live

Enjoy your digital self storage